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I am an avid sailor of more than 30 years, who has raced, been certified as a Red Cross Sailing Instructor, worked as a lifeguard, was a skipper for nine years, served as Commodore of the Marina Single Sailing Club, and am an active member of Single Mariners of Marina del Rey. I've collected a few of my boating articles here. I hope you find them to be fun and useful.


Sail the Single Seas

Single Sailing

How to Tie Nautical Knots

How to Swim Long Distance

Bareboat Chartering Takes Preparation

Teaching Children to Be Safe Boaters

How to Kill Termites on a Boat

Preventing Seasickness

How to Fight Off a Shark

How to Swim Wearing Clothes

How to Rescue Somebody Drowning

Boating at Night

How to Use a Tired Swimmer's Carry

How to Use a GPS on the Water

Anacapa Island Provides Adventurous Sailing

A Channel Islands Challenge



photo by Carolisa
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