Checkmate Pictures

Digital Production Specialists - Video - Film - Photography - Internet    

JVC DY 90 with 3 2/3" CCD's D-9 DV-50
Canon 18:1 Internal Focus lens
JVC DY 90W with 3 2/3" CCD's D-9 DV-50
Fujinon 19:1
Canon Elura mini DV
with EWA housing for underwater shooting
3 Nikons with lenses, strobes for still photography

Edit system
JVC BRD 85 U with Serial Digital I/O
Sony V0-2611 ¾” Recorder
JVC BMH 1900 SU 750 line component engineering monitor
2 Viewsonic GS790 Graphics Monitors
Adobe Photoshop 7 and Premiere 6.5
Pinnacle Commotion and Hollywood Effects
Pinnacle Targa 3000 uncompressed three stream, real time edit system with dual 2.4 GHz Pentium IV’s 216 & 140 GB RAIDs and
1 Terabyte of backup external drive data storage
Pinnacle MPEG Works
Ulead DVD Workshop II with Macrovision copy protection
Pioneer 110 double layer DVD recorder

JVC BMH 1900 SU component engineering monitor
Sony PVM 8044 Q AC/DC component engineering monitor
Leader 5864 AC / DC portable waveform monitor

MZ 4 light ENG kit
Smith Victor 3 light ENG kit
Cool Lux camera mounted light with Dichroic and Diffusion Filter
Flex fill

Mathews Libec ST 80 carbon fiber with 85 fluid head and dual pan arms.

Sennheiser 816 shotgun
Rycote Zeppelin
3 Sony ECM 55B Lavalieres
JVC MVP615U Cardiod Condenser mic
Samson MR1A radio mic
Electovoice RE 20 Dynamic VO mic
Mackie 1202 VLZ Mixer,
AKG K240 headphones
Cool Edit Pro audio sweetening software
Yamaha MS 20S monitor speakers

Anton Bauer trim packs, bricks
NRG belts, with 220/110 chargers
Aspen PSM 160 camera mounted power supply

  Shooting POV with DV        
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